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With her message of connection and compassion for all, Sally is an in-demand speaker at college campuses, business conferences and leadership workshops worldwide.  In fun and informative talks filled with powerful personal stories and mind-blowing research, Sally helps teams and communities move past conflict to find their common ground.  She leaves audiences feeling more empowered, hopeful and inspired.



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Avielle Foundation Brainstorm Experience, 2019

Muse Conference, 2018


“The students and little old ladies loved her.”

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With hilarious personal stories alongside poignant findings from science and research, Sally takes audiences on a journey to understand why we divide against one another — and the harm it does to our culture, our businesses and ourselves.  And then points the way forward, giving audiences concrete steps for how they can combat hate and division in their own minds and in their lives.  



The antidote to unnecessary and unproductive conflict, Sally shares the secrets to finding connection and common ground — and helps every audience member take responsibility for their part in building a more kind and caring community.  While still supporting people to hold onto their own opinions, Sally lifts up how we all have to be more than just our opinions and reflects on the common values we all share at a deeper level.  In this moving talk, Sally also shares the concrete tools to help everyone in the audience learn how to nurture those connections.



Political correctness only gets us part of the way there.  But what matters more isn't the words we use but the meaning we intend.  And we all need to learn to be more generous speakers — and listeners.  In this talk, Sally wades into the controversy around political correctness and defends the idea that we should all treat each other with respect, while pointing out why respect is deeper than words alone.  Audience members on all sides of the issue will find something in this talk to make them cheer — and to make them think.


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