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One of the top political communicators in America, Sally is an in-demand speaker at college campuses, business conferences and leadership workshops worldwide.  From hilariously moderating events to delivering powerful keynote addresses that pack an emotional wallop, Sally brings a fresh perspective to current events and big ideas. 



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“The students and little old ladies loved her.”

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how to address hate in your institution and yourself

Based on her forthcoming book THE OPPOSITE OF HATE, Sally shares stories from her own life and around the world plus insights on how institutions and organizations can either harbor hate or combat it — as well as what each of us can do to be part of the solution.  This is a provocative yet ultimately uplifting talk, filled with proactive take-aways for every employer and every employee.


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Get a customized breakdown of the playing field for your industry or area of concern.  Sally is uniquely able to give your organization or business an overview of the landscape with respect to your area of focus.  Delivered with a good dose of humor, she'll also give you the brass tacks on how your issue is playing in Washington and among the American people — forecasting where the political debate is heading and how you can get ahead of it.  



It's a new day in American politics and culture.  The cultural advances we'd assumed were set in stone are being challenged again and advances toward equity are being rolled back.  Suddenly, in the some of the most unlikely places and ways, people and brands are standing up — from breath mints making political statements to groups of ordinary citizens writing to their local legislators every single week to millions of Americans marching for justice in the mass largest mobilizations in history.  How can you be part of the resistance?  How can your brand find a bold voice in this moment in history?  How can you help push for inclusion and fairness in your own workplace?  How can you be a strong ally to communities that are under attack?  In this customized talk, Sally shows the way.


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