* at least everyone who has heard Sally speak.  If you haven't, you should book her and judge for yourself.

Sally Kohn regularly ignites college campuses, business gatherings, conferences and more.  Sally is an engaging and topical keynote speaker.  
Plus she makes a great moderator or emcee with a humorous touch.  


Four Things Every White Person Should Know

It's a tough time to be white in America.  All the power and privilege white people have typically enjoyed without question is suddenly being challenged and we white people barely realize we have a race let alone know what to do about that awareness.  In this funny and refreshing talk, Sally tells white people (and their non-white friends) the four things every white person should know:  

(1)  You're white.
(2)  White privilege is real.
(3)  It's not your fault.
(4)  But it is your responsibility.

Perfect for corporate audiences and college assemblies looking to find an accessible way into this intimidating topic, Sally helps white and non-white audiences think more deeply about white privilege and their own lives by sharing her own deeply personal stories while being hilariously self-critical.

What Social Movements Can Teach You About Sales

How did small groups of individuals build mass movements and change the course of history?  And what do their tactics and techniques teach us about effective sales and business outreach?  From abolishing slavery to winning the right for women to vote to the civil rights movement, women's liberation movement and fight for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality, social movements throughout the history of the United States and the world have deployed a core set of tools to help ordinary people make extraordinary change.  Those tools can work for you and your business, too.

Take aways from this talk include:

*  How to strategically manage your target's/client's perceptions;
*  How to know your expertise and innovate within it;
*  How to plan and mount a sustained sales "campaign" over time;
*  How to define your competition in order to redefine your own brand; and
*  How to be persistent without being pathetic or, worse—boring.

Animated with gripping stories and photos from social movements past and present, this talk is full of "aha" moments for every audience—connecting the goals and strategies of these world-changing movements to your own life and work.  

Striving For "Emotional Correctness" In A Mean And Ugly World

Based on her hit TED talk, Sally explores the practical application of finding compassion for others—including, or even especially your enemies and haters—when they barely seem to deserve it.  How do you not just talk the talk of "emotional correctness" but try to walk it every day—treating others with the compassion you want them to have for you and others?  It's not easy.

In this personal and powerful talk, Sally reads from her epic folder of hate mail and hate tweets and shares her own internal and external strategies for combatting the meanness everyone experiences on some scale every day.  Useful for everyone from young folks struggling with the emotional gauntlet of social media to adults struggling with the emotional gauntlet that is their kids, Sally shares spiritual and practical tools we can all use.   

Take aways from this talk include:

*  How to distinguish hate from constructive criticism and how to respond to both;
*  Three social media jujitsu strategies for dealing with haters without being hateful yourself;
*  Ways to renew yourself and your faith in humanity, even on social media; and
*  How to define—and stick to—your own public, moral code of conduct.