"an energetic young liberal with a remarkable haircut..." 


One of the leading progressive voices in America today, Sally Kohn is a CNN political commentator and a columnist for the Daily Beast.  

Previously a Fox News contributor—the inspiration for her widely-seen TED Talk—Sally's writing has appeared in the Washington Post, New York Times, New York Magazine, More Magazine, RollingStone.com, Elle.com, USA Today, Time, Afar Magazine and many other outlets.  Her work has been highlighted by outlets from the Colbert Report to the National Review.


"a former community organizer who prefers baggy clothes and doesn't own a television." — The New York Times


"The students and the little old ladies just loved you." — University of Kansas

"You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who works with her
who doesn't find her to be a genuinely pleasant human being." — Mediaite

"intelligence, knowledge, willingness to take anything on, and sense of humor" — Breitbart.com