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With her message of connection and compassion for all, Sally is an in-demand speaker at college campuses, business conferences and leadership workshops worldwide.  In fun and informative talks filled with powerful personal stories and mind-blowing research, Sally helps teams and communities move past conflict to find their common ground.  She leaves audiences feeling more empowered, hopeful and inspired.



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Avielle Foundation Brainstorm Experience, 2019

Muse Conference, 2018


“The students and little old ladies loved her.”

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The way we view each other may be deeply embedded in our history and society, but it doesn’t mean we can’t change. From racism to sexism to partisanship, the divides in our communities and workplaces may feel impermeable but they’re not permanent. Our habits of otherizing and dehumanization can change because people can change. And therefore systems and institutions can change. In this speech, Sally shares the science and strategies for making ourselves and our world more equitable and just. A popular talk with business audiences and other change makers, Sally goes beyond the diversity and inclusion rhetoric to talk about real deliverables that make a difference.


YOU CAN CHANGE — AND you can change the world

In this popular talk for college and high school audiences, Sally shares the stories from her youth that help shape the person she is today. From being a bully in elementary school to coming out in high school, Sally connects narratives of personal transformation to the desire to transform the world — and shows how because we can all change for the better, the world can change for the better. And each of us has a vital part to play that change. This inspirational talk challenges every young person in the audience to change the world for the better — and not to wait until they’re older, but start being part of that change today.


FIVE foundations of persuasion

Where do our ideas come from? And how do we change our minds? Drawing from cutting edge neuroscience and psychological research as well as her own experience as a community organizer mobilizing people for change, Sally shares tools that are essential for any leader trying to inspire change. Whether it’s getting consumers to switch products or spreading a new big idea, these actionable insights transform the way audiences think about the persuasion parts of their work — and leave them inspired as well as more impactful.


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